Water And Wastewater Treatment

Water Treatment

M.U.B Engineering manages, and operates drinking water facilities under contract.

We continuously innovate and devise solutions and methods using latest technologies to assist our customers in dealing with the requirement of water services.

We also maintain and upgrade facilities and infrastructure and develop the best treatment method to satisfy clients’ requirement.

Our water treatment products include:

  • Compact and mobile treatment plant using membrane/conventional filtration system
  • Reverse Osmosis drinking water system
  • Integrated mobile RO-UF drinking water system

Wastewater treatment (Industrial)

At M.U.B. Engineering, we assist our clients meet strict discharge compliance by ensuring that only clean water is discharged into the existing water system. In addition, through a combination of research and innovative treatment process, we facilitate the reutilization of wastewater for industrial use and at the same time conserving resources. Our wastewater treatment processes are environmentally friendly having non-toxic effluent. 

Our wastewater treatment products/units /packages include:

  • Aerobic Submerged Membrane Bioreactor for the treatment of High Strength wastewater.
  • Microcomposite filtering media in Biofilter for physical and biological removal of pollutants in industrial wastewater, domestic wastewater and aquaculture.
  • Ultrafiltration and nanofiltration membrane units for wastewater treatment
  • Microclear used to decolorize and breakdown of colored water and waste water containing synthetic dyes